Valentines Day Status For Whatsapp Facebook Instagram

Valentines day this is special and great day and beautiful day to pure lovable persons, most of the people will wait for this day for celebrate this day with their lovable persons because of this valentines day special day for who was in the love and treated by love with their lovable persons.

Most of the worldwide people who in the love they can wait for every year February 14 that day was a special day to lovers and who was married love marriage, love is unstoppable and never rejected thing love is very powerful and sweater to who treated by love. every lover and lovable persons think to give a special gift to their lover or wife or husband they want to make happy their lovers on that valentines day because of that is a special and great day to them.

Top 10 Valentines day 2019 Statuses For Whatsapp Facebook Instagram

1.without you i cant see this beautiful world.

2. Iam enjoying this world because of you.

3. Your the beautiful nature for me because of i am the climate.

4. If your the land i become a tree for you.

5. Your the queen of kingdom.

6. Without you i cant survive.

7. You made my life very bright and colorful i decided to give my this life to you.

8. The sun and moon cant replace your smile.

9. May be the moon was decided to every night after you sleep because of the moon cant see your beautiful face.

10. Your the hero of my life you made me great because of you already great.

Valentines day 2019 Special Statuses For Whatsapp Facebook Instagram

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