Robo 2.0 movie review

Robo 2.0 movie review

Robo 2.0: Superstar Rajinikanth this time came our front with robot in the movie Rajinikanth acted as Robo last time Rajinikanth came Robo movie after I was presented himself robot 2.0, Amy Jackson heroine for this movie first time her life acted with superstar Rajinikanth, star director one of the best directors of South India Director Shankar directed Robo sequel movie again with Rajinikanth and Amy Jackson, for this movie Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar acted as a villain in this movie first time is Carrie acted with superstar Rajinikanth and South Indian film. Director Shankar made this movie has a science fiction film, last time Director Shankar made this movie with Bollywood beautiful actor Aishwarya Rai.

Robo 2.0 movie review

This time Director Shankar made robot 2.0 movie with Amy Jackson in This movie Amy Jackson also acted as a robo with superstar Rajinikanth. Subaskaran allirajah produced for this movie Robo 2.0. India’s famous music director AR Rahman gave super hit music to robo 2.0 last times also gave wonderful music to Robo first movie. Last time Robo sequel first movie collected huge collections from all film industry box offices this time also collecting his collections from all movies box office this movie got hit talk from worldwide.

Movie review

Superstar Rajinikanth acted as a scientist in this robo 2.0 movie, Rajinikanth was a great scientist in the movie, he always spend time with robot testing and he wanted to make a robo for Indian Army to help, Aishwarya Rai acted as a girlfriend to Rajinikanth, Rajinikanth was introduced he is Robo to Aishwarya Rai, Once Upon A Time Rajinikanth gives emotions and feelings insect robo that time to thinks himself, some of the times robo has done mistakes with heroin Aishwarya Rai and with social areas. Some of the time Rajinikanth introduce robo to Indian army, Indian army gives test to robo in that test robo gets failure from Indian persons, because robo was fallen love with Sana (Aishwarya Rai), Rajinikanth gets angry on Robo destroys all Robo body parts and that moment Rajnikant against person scientist went with destroyed Robo he modified that Robo he do insert Evil ship on the Robo that Robo gets angry on everyman and destroys everything social areas and public places, the time in Rajinikanth tries to destroy again that he will Robo this is the story of Robo movie. Finally, Rajinikanth gets the victory on that Evil robo finally made that again as a good Robo, Robo destroys himself finally that robo parts put in a big Museum for visit everyone.

Robo 2.0 Starring

Superstar Rajinikanth first time paired with Amy Jackson this is the first movie of her life, she was acted after I movie with superstar Rajinikanth she got great opportunity to work with Rajinikanth and Director Shankar, Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar first time acted with superstar Rajinikanth and with Director Shankar, his carrierĀ  first time acted in South Indian movie. Music director AR Rahman gave super hit music to robo 2.0 movie, this movie got musical hit also, last time AR Rahman gave wonderful music to robo movie first sequel.





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