Valentines Day wishes quotes images in Marathi 2019

Valentine’s Day wishes quotes images in Marathi 2019

Valentine’s Day February 14th every year loveable persons celebrate this day with their loved person. Every year they eager to waits for celebrate this Valentine’s Day with their loved persons. loveable persons start to celebrate this with 9th February to day 14th until they celebrate each day one specific special day with them and they spend that week total with their loved persons and that moment gives the special surprise gift to them. Some of the loveable persons decide to propose their love with a loved person on Valentine’s Day most of the persons waiting to this day for proposing their love with loved persons.

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Lovable persons think special plan to give a special gift for their loved persons they want to make happy them on Valentine’s Day. Most of the persons propose their love with one single rose and with greeting cards that are the very routine special way to propose their love. Some of the crazy and special thoughts persons give the bunch of rose flowers to their loved person for impress on that Valentine’s Day. Some sincere persons propose their love marriage ring to loved person for doing marry her/him on that day they express their feelings with that type of gifts.

Valentine’s day wishes quotes HD images in Marathi 2019

Every Valentine’s Day loveable persons celebrate each day one special with their loved person they start Valentine’s Day with rose day to Valentine’s Day. Rose is a special flower for express or impresses their love with another person’s that is a great thing for every loveable persons. Some of the persons propose their love with various types some persons give teddy bears and chocolate type of things give to them to propose and impress them. Some of the loved persons make special gifts for a loved person and with their own creativity. Some of the persons purchase valuable gifts for their loved persons on that Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s day wishes quotes HD images in Marathi free download 2019

दररोज व्हॅलेंटाईन डे बनवल्याबद्दल धन्यवाद मी तुम्हाला माझी पत्नी म्हणून बलिद आहे.

मला जी काही जगण्याची गरज आहे ते मला पृथ्वीने दिले गेले आहे, मला तुझ्यासाठी जी काही जीवाची गरज आहे ते मला दिले आहे

व्हॅलेंटाईन डेच्या शुभेच्छा आपल्यासाठी शुभेच्छा, आपल्या दिवस आनंद आनंद आणि खूप प्रेम भरले जाऊ शकते

खरा प्रेम, आनंदी व्हॅलेन्टाईन डे यांच्यापेक्षा या पृथ्वीवर इतर काहीही नाही.

कदाचित मी तुमचा प्रथम प्रेम चुंबन किंवा प्रथम तारीख नाही पण निश्चितच मला तुमची शेवटची, आनंदी व्हॅलेंटाईन डे बेबी व्हावी अशी माझी इच्छा आहे.

काल मी तुझ्यावर प्रेम करतो मी तुला प्रेम करतो तरीही मी नेहमीच नेहमी असतो, व्हॅलेंटाईन डेच्या शुभेच्छा.

Valentine’s day wishes quotes HD images free download 2019


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